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Mission Statement

   Comprehensive Dialogue among Civilizations (CDAC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Its seat is located in Geneva and the organisation also has offices in New York, Moscow and Amsterdam.
   The aims of CDAC are: To encourage a multi-cultural and inter-religious dialogue as well as political and diplomatic dialogue and mutual learning; and to contribute to mutual understanding, tolerance, respect for diversity as well as solidarity between countries, regions, and population groups, with the ultimate goal of promoting a peaceful global society and assisting the United Nations in its efforts to achieve the aims set out in its Charter.

The books published by CDAC

This book gives insights into the life of Vladimir Petrovsky, an important figure in the political landscape of the second half of the 20th century. His diplomatic career took him from the ideologically confined Soviet system to the pinnacle of internationalism. The book highlights his significant contributions to many key processes, such as the Helsinki Final Act, Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika, disarmament and the strengthe-ning of the United Nations. Vladimir Petrovsky describes the necessary tools to create a more inclusive world, a world where individual and collective security, development and self-determination are at the core of all deliberations and actions.

These pages bring to light the extraordinary combination of capacities and qualities in an exemplary global citizen: intellectual brilliance, integrity, wisdom, compassion. We gain access to his private life and activities beyond the sphere of politics. The tributes at the end of the book illustrate the deep and enduring personal impact of his life and work on statesmen, colleagues and friends.

Vladimir Petrovsky envisioned a world where security and peaceful coexistence are a reality, whereunity flourishes in diversity, where the feeling of theoneness of all humanity prevails.

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