Vladimir Petrovsky:
Main Thoughts

   "In the nuclear age ‘selective’ security is a utopia. Today, security is indivisible, as is the world. It cannot be split: more to yourself, less to others. In the area of security, the rule is inexorable that nothing can be taken away from the other without damage to oneself".

   "It is only through good governance that we shall preserve the oneness of humanity and assure the safe flight of our spaceship Earth in the galaxy of the new millennium".

   "There is a need to merge law and ethics in international politics and create a political mentality of a new kind, which will unite rather than divide people and produce a feeling of solidarity amongst them. In particular I am referring to the mentality of the political leaders—those few people who determine the course of events.

   This need to express a universal ethic, and to articulate a link between the fragmented world we experience in our daily existence and an imagined community for the human species as a whole, is deeply felt by an increasing number of concerned intellectuals".

   "There is one universal kind of sovereignty emerging in the new global society, and it is absolute. This is the sovereignty of the human being, the sovereignty of the individual. Supremacy of international law includes a humanitarian imperative—the observance of the humanitarian threshold in all actions".

   "What the UN needs most of all is to facilitate the creation of a new philosophy of international interactions, a new concept of human civilization, one that will unite the peoples of the world rather than divide them into good and bad, virtuous and evil. It will be the world of the worlds, a commonwealth of different cultures with each of them encouraging the traditions of peace, coexistence and mutual enrichment. Diversity will be its wealth; unity, its force".