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CDAC Editor Michael S. Karlen's in-depth personal appreciation of Mikhail Gorbachev one year after his passing has appeared on the homepage of the Gorbachev Foundation in Moscow.
Please read the article here: 

Our latest background publication

on defending Light and Liberty


May 2022

Michael S. Karlen, Editor:

This magazine gives a fascinating insight into the longstanding "Dialogue" that Mikhail Gorbachev entertained with Thomas Jefferson since his student years. The former Soviet President reveals how he was inspired, motivated and guided during his different live stages, right up to the Presidential Post.

The magazine also highlights the most important characteristics and achievements of these two outstanding world leaders.
We believe that the lives of these towering world-figures can offer much needed guidance and inspiration in our troubled times.


You can read the magazine by using the arrows on the left and right side.

"I think this will be a valuable publication for those who would like to understand Gorbachev and his role.

The parallels with Jefferson are very thought-provoking and perhaps astonishing to quite a few people, given all the darkness around and on the horizon. But America, too, has had to go through a lot, including some harrowing experiences, over its relatively brief history. Let’s hope that this dark page will be turned over and in the process of rebuilding and rethinking this work will prove useful." 

Pavel Palazhchenko
Chief English Interpreter for Mikhail Gorbachev 
Head of the Press Office, The Gorbachev Foundation


A deeper look at the Climate Crisis, future scenarios and possible solutions

December 2021

You can read the magazine by using the arrows on the left and right side.

1. _TUR7378.jpg

The official presentation of the Russian Version of the “Essential Thoughts” book by Mikhail Gorbachev and edited by M.S.Karlen, Secretary General, Comprehensive Dialogue among Civilizations (CDAC), Researcher. The presentation was organised by the Gorbachev Foundation in collaboration with the Bricks Multimedia Center.

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